Road to 2050:

April 29, 2021

Outlining the BC Water Sector's Path to 2030-2050 Climate Targets

Water is at the heart of British Columbia’s economy and culture. With its glacier-fed streams, flowing rivers, freshwater lakes, rainforests and coastal waters, drinking water from the tap, and hydroelectric power, BC enjoys a global reputation as a water-rich region.

However, despite being a water-rich region on the global scale, there are vulnerabilities and problems in the delivery and safety of water in the province. At any given time, multiple First Nations and remote communities are under drinking water advisories. Climate change makes water systems vulnerable to flooding, storm surges, and wastewater runoff and contamination. First Nations, local governments, watershed and community-based organizations are raising the alarm and reporting increasing water security challenges as they deal with irregular cycles of drought and flood.

This report outlines challenges, gaps, strategies, and areas where support is needed for BC's water sector to meet 2030-2050 climate goals.