13 Canadian Companies Named to the 2024 Global Cleantech 100

January 11, 2024

The Cleantech Group's 2024 Global Cleantech 100 has been released, and Canada is once again punching above its weight, with 13 Canadian companies on the list, including 11 that are supported by Foresight Canada.

This year, the number of nominations totalled 25,435 companies from over 65 countries. The nominations came from five sources: The Cleantech Group’s expert panel of 80 investor and multi-national corporation representatives, their i3 platform, which tracks the investment and partnership history of thousands of relevant companies, over 70 third-party awards where expert assessment has been applied, their own sector analysts, and nominations from the global cleantech ecosystem.

With 21 countries represented on this years’ list, Canada can feel proud of its amazing crop of talented innovators who made the cut in 2024.

Here are few of the highlights:

Energy and Power

On this year's Global Cleantech 100, Eavor and e-Zinc are representing Canada's long-standing economic powerhouse, the energy sector. Creating closed-loop geothermal energy solutions, and zinc battery technology for large-scale energy storage, these two inspiring energy innovators represent the ingenuity of Canada’s cleantech ecosystem. 

Environment and Resources

Canada has a strong and well-established mining sector. We are also recognized globally as a leader in low-carbon mining, a key producer of critical minerals to support the green economy, and a leader in technological innovation. So, it’s no surprise to see several Canadian mining innovation companies on the Global Cleantech 100 list, including MineSense, Summit Nanotech, Mangrove Lithium, PH7, and Cyclic Materials.

With innovative carbon utilization solutions, water treatment optimization, and efficient mineral extraction technologies included in this section of the report, the variety of innovative solutions in Canadian cleantech is on full display. 

2024 marked the seventh year that MineSense has been included on the Global Cleantech 100, earning them a prestigious spot on the list’s Hall of Fame, where they join the ranks of global cleantech giants like CarbonCure. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Canada’s mining innovation ecosystem Foresight’s Ventures to Value Chains: Mining Technology describes key steps from exploration to smelting and refining by outlining a series of processing steps and inputs and outputs along the value chain. It also highlights how multiple mining-related waste streams can hold value and contribute to the circular economy through technology. 

Materials and Chemicals

With such a large and robust Oil and Gas sector in Canada, it’s no surprise that we have a large population of STEM graduates with a focus on material and chemical engineering. As such, the innovative nature of Canadians is well reflected in the Materials and Chemicals section of the report with Genecis, Ionomr, Mangrove Lithium, PH7 Technologies, and Summit Nanotech all named to the list.

Working on solutions like alternative plastics, high-efficiency lithium and mineral extraction technologies, the Canadian innovation ecosystem in the Material and Chemical sectors is well-represented.

Supporting Canadian Cleantech

We’re so proud to see how strongly Canada’s innovation ecosystem is represented in this list by some of our most prominent cleantech companies.

Foresight has developed a number of initiatives that enable us to deploy targeted support to help grow the Canadian cleantech ecosystem, aid innovators in identifying new market opportunities, and secure access to funding and industry partnerships.

Foresight’s sector-specific NEXT streams offer support to innovators in agriculture, power, the built environment, carbon capture, utilization and storage, water, and the bioeconomy. These powerful sector networks are made up of companies, experts, and investors, all working together on commercializing innovation and driving progress toward climate goals.

Foresight’s Ventures to Value Chains is an initiative that leverages data from technology companies and other key stakeholders to map, categorize, and analyze strategically important industry value chains for Canada in the clean economy. These reports help us identify areas of strength, innovation gaps, and opportunities for innovators, investors, and industry partners. 

We’ve produced reports on everything from Canada’s carbon technology value chain, to our forest bioeconomy, as well as several other key sectors.

Canada's Carbon Tech Value Chain 
Canada's Carbon Tech Value Chain 

If you’re an innovator who needs support, visit us online to find out how we can accelerate your path to success.

Here’s a Full Breakdown of the Canadian Companies on the 2024 Global Cleantech 100:

Energy and Power 

  • Eavor is creating closed-loop, conduction-only geothermal energy solutions.
  • e-Zinc is developing zinc battery technology which stores electricity in zinc metal for large-scale energy storage.

Materials and Chemicals

  • Genecis Bioindustries is creating Bacterial technology to turn food waste into polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), a high-quality bioplastic. 
  • Ionomr Innovations is creating durable anion-exchange membrane for fuel cells, fuel production, and metal recovery.
  • Mangrove Lithium has created a modular platform for the cost-effective production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide. 
  • PH7 Technologies is developing new processes and methodologies for extractive metallurgy.
  • Summit Nanotech is creating technology to extract lithium and other valuable metals from brine water using advanced nanomaterials.

Environment and Resources

  • Carbon Upcycling has created technology for sequestering CO2 gas into a solid form within concrete, plastics, and coatings.
  • Cyclic Materials is a circular supply chain service platform facilitating the recycling of rare earth elements via its proprietary Mag-Xtract and Hydrometallurgy technologies.
  • MineSense uses smart shovel sensor technology to capture ore in mining waste and provide
  • real-time analytics during extraction.
  • Moment Energy recycles retired electric vehicle batteries into clean, affordable energy storage.
  • Pani offers predictive optimization and management software to improve the efficiency, uptime, and emissions of water treatment plants.
  • Svante provides Energy-efficient technology for capturing carbon dioxide from industrial sources.

To view the full list, visit the Cleantech Group online and download the report