How Can We Deploy Market Leading Renewable Fuels

February 6, 2020

On Wednesday, Feb 5, 2020 leaders in the energy industry in BC gathered at FortisBC for a morning of ideation and discussion around project opportunities and challenges in deploying market leading renewable fuels.

Foresight, Fortis BC and the Technology Deployment Network (Vancouver Economic Commission) are collaborating on running these workshops to help refine a Challenge that will be put out to the open market looking for solutions to challenges around renewable fuels that will align with the strategic sustainability goals of FortisBC.

These unique workshops use Foresight’s Large Industry Innovation methodologies to query organizational knowledge, stakeholders, in/out flows, resources, and goals. Ideation through these design-thinking style engagement workshops helps reveal creative ideas for project opportunities, as well as current barriers (and potential solutions) in their industry.

We had a great turnout and the room was abuzz with ideas around how to energize the renewable fuels industry through an innovation challenge! A huge thank you to the Industry Partners who took the time to contribute their expertise and ideas, and FortisBC for the venue, refreshments, and services.

We look forward to seeing the Challenge Statement that comes from this event, and the future projects and collaborations that will drive the renewable fuels industry in the years ahead. Thanks everyone for your continued support of the Technology Deployment Network Challenge Program, and stay tuned for more announcements to come as the challenge statement gets refined.


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