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Cleantech Forward:
Navigating the Pathway to Capital

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November 1, 2022

In Season 2 of the Cleantech Forward podcast, host Jeanette Jackson brings listeners on a 9-episode narrative on how Canada can win the race to #netzero. First up, we’re addressing the role Capital plays in the green transition.

Access to capital is changing for ventures. In the midst of economic uncertainty, supply chain delays, and rising operational costs, ventures are having to adjust and navigate fluctuating markets.

CEOs Anthea Sargeaunt of 2S Water, and Jason Robinson of Evoco Limited join host Jeanette Jackson to explore how entrepreneurs are coping with the increased financial pressures associated with operating a business, from rising costs to cooling cleantech investor sentiments.

Last year, an independent panel of judges recognized 2S Water and Evoco Limited in our Foresight 50, a list of the 50 most investable Canadian cleantech ventures.

Anthea Sargeaunt is the CEO and cofounder of 2S Water. She has an MBA with multiple previous entrepreneurial experiences. She was awarded Startup Alberta’s most promising startup entrepreneur of the year, 2019, the 2021 Clean50 for Research and Development, and Anthea and 2S Water were named to the Foresight 50 in 2021.

Jason Robinson is the CEO of Evoco. Jason has 20 years of experience in sustainability, with previous leadership roles at various organizations, and an extensive background in engineering and science. A pioneer in the sustainable materials industry, he is focused on creating better performing, responsible and ecological products. Jason and Evoco were named to the Foresight 50 in 2021.

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