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Ep. 18 | Cleantech Forward with Jeanette Jackson, Tatiana Estevez Carlucci

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August 3, 2022

This week on the Cleantech Forward Podcast, CEO and founder of Permalution, Tatiana Estevez Carlucci joins Foresight CEO Jeanette Jackson to discuss how her unique innovation harvests water from fog,  introducing a new novel source of water into drought-prone and water-scarce regions. The two also discuss drawing inspiration from nature, being a woman CEO, and the importance of mentorship in the entrepreneurial journey. 

Tatiana Estevez Carlucci is the founder and CEO of Permalution. She has experience in government with international partnerships and Sustainable Cities, private sector experience as head of innovation for international corporations, project management experience for sustainability projects, and is a graduate of Foresight Canada and Climate Ventures’ Accelerate from Anywhere program.

Accelerate from Anywhere offers programs to help Canadian ventures at every stage of their journey, from ideation through to commercialization. Learn more:  

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