Acceleration Program FAQs

March 29, 2024

Need more information on our Acceleration programs? Our FAQs should give you a good overview. Have additional questions?

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Q. What does Foresight Canada do?

Foresight is the Canadian Clean-tech accelerator which offers an array of programs for ventures across different stages of their start-up journey.

We have cohort-based programming (6 weeks), workshop styles programs (4 weeks), and virtual live events (a few hours) on specific topics. A few of these programs are free of charge, and a few are offered at a subsidized rate with the help of our funding partners.

Q. Is my company eligible for Foresight's program?

If you are a Canadian-incorporated venture or are in the process of doing so, you are eligible to apply for any program within Foresight.

Note that most of our programs require you to be a client of the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) and require endorsement from your Industrial Technology Advisor to participate.

If you are an International venture registered outside of Canada, you are eligible to apply for the Start-up Visa program.

Q. What are the various programs within Foresight?

Program Ramp 2024
Program Ramp 2024

We support climate entrepreneurs from start up, through to commercialization, and industry adoption with:

Five Core Accelerator Programs:

  • Kickstart: Product solution fit 
  • Launch: CEO training
  • Deliver: CTO training
  • Residency: Continued mentorship support through 1:1 advisory hours
  • Grow: Peer-to-peer roundtable sessions

Our  Intake process evaluates the right program fit for your business needs. You may choose to take part in other Foresight programs at any stage. Ready to get started?  Apply here.

NEXT Streams 

These are sector-specific accelerator hubs which have several initiatives and programs to build the cleantech ecosystem. Currently, we have six NEXT streams - agriNEXT, waterNEXT, bioNEXT, powerNEXT, buildNEXT, and carbonNEXT. Each of these NEXT streams offers some or all of the following:

  1. Industry Matchmaking Events: Connects industry to innovators
  2. Strategic Support program: 1:1 mentorship support from subject matter/technology experts 
  3. Annual Cohort: Insights into technology needs, end-user and market trends, investor perspectives, and ecosystem opportunities (6 weeks)

Elective Programming

We offer free, supplementary programming to support your unique needs. Delivered over four short, interactive sessions, these are delivered approximately three times per year. 

  • Investor Readiness
  • Pilot
  • Governance
  • Access to Capital

Q. What is the Intake process for the programs?

After you submit the online application, one of our program managers will schedule:

  • STEP 1:  An intro call to understand the general fit, including the positive environmental impact, scalability, and coachability
  • STEP 2: A 45-minute Intake Presentation with the Intake committee where you present a 15-minute overview of your business followed by a 25-30 minute Q&A to assess which program is best suited for your company. 
  • STEP 3: One of our program managers will follow up within 2-3 business days to provide feedback, program fit, and next steps.

For NEXT cohorts, there is an additional intro call with the NEXT Program Manager.

Q. What happens after I’m accepted?

You will be invited to the next cohort, a contract will be sent out, and a welcome email will be sent with all the relevant information. 

We have three cohorts every year for the Acceleration programs (Spring, Fall, and Winter) and one to two cohorts for the various NEXT streams.

Q. How do I enroll myself into one of the NEXT streams?

 If you would like to join a NEXT stream, please complete the AFA Application Form and ensure you select which of the NEXT streams fit your business. If you are unsure, we can also discuss this on the intro call. Once the Intake process is completed, you will be introduced to the respective NEXT Program Manager through email. 

Q. What are the commitments you require from the companies?

Each of our cohort-based programs has three main components:

  1. Online eLearning content consisting of readings, videos, and worksheets (~1-4 hours per week)
  2. 1:1 mentorship meetings with your EIR (~1 hour per week)
  3. Live webinar sessions with the cohort (1-1.5 hours per week depending on the program)

Q. How much do your programs cost? 

Program fees are $100/month for Kickstart, $200/month for Launch and Deliver, and $500/month for Grow plus applicable taxes.

The NEXT cohorts are free for active ventures in the acceleration cohorts. Otherwise, program fees are $250 plus applicable taxes.

There may be scholarships available based on our funding partners.

Q. Does Foresight take any equity in companies?

No, we do not take any equity in the companies that go through our programs. 

Q. Where can I find profiles on your Executives in Residences (EIRs)?

 When companies join our programming, we match them with an Executive in Residence (EIR) based on their business needs and fit in terms of the product/solution they offer. 

Q. Do you have any success stories or notable alumni?

    Foresight accelerates the growth and impact of cleantech ecosystems across Canada. We have supported over 1,000 ventures through our various programs and accelerated over 500 ventures.

    Q. Can I participate in both Foresight’s accelerator program and another one at the same time?

    Yes, participating in another accelerator does not affect your qualification to participate in our programs. However, we do recommend companies be conscious of the number of accelerators they participate in at one time, due to the time commitments each accelerator would expect.

    Ready to get started? Apply here.