The Search for Sustainable and Profitable Agtech Solutions:
New Challenge with IFAO

March 18, 2024

Canada’s agricultural sector is responsible for approximately 10% of GHG emissions and, at the same time, generates around 7% of the country’s GDP. With the industry contributing both positively to the economy and negatively towards climate change, it’s imperative that we come up with sustainable and profitable agtech solutions to future-proof this critical sector.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario (IFAO) is partnering with Foresight Canada to revolutionize Ontario’s field crop farming by launching the Sustainable Agtech for Profitability Challenge. The Challenge is seeking novel agtech solutions that improve decision-making and analysis of field crop farmers' operations, enabling optimized soil health, biodiversity, profitability, and overall sustainability management. 

Successful solutions will:

  • improve nutrient management and soil health simultaneously
  • fit easily into existing operations
  • address weather uncertainties
  • be profitable for the average field crop farmer in Ontario

Winning solutions will receive third-party validation, a farmer feasibility and agronomic assessment, and the opportunity to participate in communications campaigns and in the IFAO Innovative Farming Conference 2025. 

Canadian farmers provide reliable and diverse food directly to Canadians. Let's help them achieve higher yields!

Having a thriving agricultural industry that is both sustainable and profitable is crucial to ensuring Canada meets economic goals while accelerating our path to net zero. We’re so excited to be partnering again with the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario to seek out ground-breaking solutions that will improve soil health and help work towards our agriNEXT network’s ambitious goal to reduce GHG emissions in the Canadian agrifood sector by 50% by 2030.

Jeanette Jackson CEO, Foresight Canada
Jeanette Jackson

The Sustainable Agtech for Profitability Challenge stands as a crucial endeavour for the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario. With agriculture playing a vital role in bolstering Canada's economy and reaching our net zero targets, the imperative to foster innovative solutions is clear. By partnering with Foresight Canada, the IFAO seeks to revolutionize field crop farming, ensuring sustainable practices that not only optimize profitability but also mitigate environmental impact, thus securing the future of Ontario's agricultural sector.

Tori Waugh Executive Director, Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario
<strong>Tori Waugh</strong>

Next Steps for Innovators

Innovators can learn more about the Challenge, including desired outcomes, eligibility criteria, as well as a Q&A period, at Foresight’s challenge webinar on April 18, 2024. Interested parties can register for the webinar here.

Innovators with solutions can apply here before May 17, 2024.

The Sustainable Agtech for Profitability Challenge is presented with support from Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario, founding agriNEXT partner Farm Credit Canada.

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About the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario (IFAO)

As a collective of perceptive, innovative, and resourceful farmers, IFAO has been promoting soil health in Ontario agriculture for over 30 years. They are focused on environmental and financial sustainability and supporting innovations in agriculture through connection and collaboration with farmers.

IFAO facilitates idea exchanges and collaborates to test and develop innovation to support the betterment of Ontario’s agricultural sector. Learn more at: