Meet the 2023 Earth Tech Cohort

January 26, 2023

Foresight Canada and Social Innovation Canada are thrilled to announce the recently launched Earth Tech 2023 cohort. Earth Tech is a six-month accelerator – run in partnership with SI Canada as part of our joint Accelerate from Anywhere initiative – that supercharges early-stage, high impact-potential cleantech ventures as they work on bringing their solutions to market.

Thanks to the ongoing support of the RBC Foundation, the Peter Gilgan Foundation, and Bullfrog Power, Earth Tech has already supported 49 early-stage companies that have earned & raised over $60M (previously as part of CSI’s Climate Ventures).

From converting waste into sequestered biocarbon, to tackling fast fashion, to capturing and utilizing CO2 emissions, the Earth Tech 2023 cohort is positioned to help Canada get to net zero.

Over the next six months, we’ll accelerate these 15 cleantech ventures from across the country to advance their technologies and businesses. Meet the 2023 cohort below, and consider connecting with them if you have expertise, connections, or opportunities that could contribute to their success.

Meet the 2023 Cohort

  • Be One To Give is an on-demand delivery app for food business operators with surplus food to eliminate food waste.
  • Carbon Lock Tech converts organic waste into biocarbon that can be sequestered long-term in a range of sustainable products, places, and processes.
  • Closure Liability Management offers cloud-based SaaS for the digitization of dormant oilfield sites to improve the prioritization, planning, and scaling up of restoration and cleanup.
  • CO2L Tech transforms carbon from CO2 emissions into industrially valuable compounds, making carbon removal profitable.
  • Drop Solutions is a marketplace and digital assistant for asset management in water treatment operations to keep systems providing safe, reliable drinking water.
  • The Fitting Room leverages 3D/ML/XR technologies to combat overproduction and online returns in the fashion industry. Consumers can create a hyper-realistic 3D avatar of themselves with just their smartphone, and then visualize how custom-fit garments will look, before they are made.
  • Form Innovations manufactures highly-insulated, climate-resilient walls for residential and commercial construction, with a goal to increase widespread energy-efficient construction.
  • Green Spirit Technologies’ bike locking and charging system makes e-biking easier, reducing bike thefts and promoting cycling as a viable form of commuting. 
  • Humboldt Environmental Systems has developed the, a full-stack digital infrastructure enabling environmental projects to scale exponentially. 
  • NanoTerraTech develops advanced carbon materials from biomass waste, replacing fossil-fuel derived manufacturing products.
  • Novion helps cities protect against urban flooding with cutting-edge technology solutions for the design, planning, management, and maintenance of green stormwater infrastructure.
  • OCHIUS eliminates emissions, not engines, with a fully net-zero synthetic diesel.
  • Orca Water aims to radically change how people value, conserve and use water, starting with a home water-monitoring system that tracks water consumption in real time. 
  • Picketa Systems offers an innovative plant tissue analysis that empowers agri-businesses and individual growers to rapidly conduct on-site nutrient analyses.
  • Solv4x offers simple, automated, low-cost, AI-based charging for all EV Fleets.

Foresight’s mission is to enable Canada to become the first G7 country to reach net zero. By participating in Earth Tech 2023, these ventures are joining a network of Canadian cleantech leaders and an ecosystem of impact-driven companies who are laying the groundwork for the net zero economy.

Thanks to Our Partners