Foresight 50 Spotlight:
Azzera - Decarbonizing Aviation

March 14, 2024

Globally, the transportation sector, including ground transportation, shipping, and aviation, contributes 22 per cent of our global emissions. Airplanes specifically emit roughly 2,000 tonnes of greenhouse gasses every minute directly into the atmosphere.

Azzera is helping to decarbonize the aviation sector by offering a B2B SaaS platform that allows companies and governments to effortlessly engage in emissions management. Azzera CELESTE offers companies fully integrated and automatic flight emission calculation and reporting, ETS compliance by trading compliance carbon credits, voluntary offsetting and compensation by trading qualified carbon credits, and emissions reduction through acquiring sustainable aviation fuel certificates.

Azzera CEO Puja Mahajan and her business partner Nick Houseman spent 25 years in the aviation industry leading aircraft operations. During their time in the industry, they recognized a significant need for more sustainability in the industry, and a gap in resources for companies looking to engage in meaningful climate action. That led Mahajan to begin learning more about sustainability and the climate crisis. 

From that pursuit, Azzera was born with the aim to catalyze aircraft operators into action against climate change, and join the transition to net zero.

As I grow older, the larger population becomes increasingly concerned with climate change but struggles to drive change with traditional businesses like aviation on a broad scale. I am passionate about making a meaningful impact on how businesses and people respond to climate change. Delivering practical, effortless, sustainable solutions to the corporate world will drive action and improve business performance. My ‘why’ is rooted in a desire to make a meaningful impact on how businesses approach and communicate their role in addressing climate change and sustainability challenges.

Puja Mahajan CEO, Azzera
<span>Puja Mahajan</span>

CELESTE allows the aviation industry to calculate fleet emissions through fleet management software integration and save hundreds of man-hours by segregating emissions and extracting reports for various compliance needs, including the EU emissions trading system (ETS), United Kingdom ETS, Swiss ETS, and Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). Although there are 125 member states of CORSIA, which will require all aircraft operators to report their emissions beginning in 2024, there is no digital fully integrated solution for this reporting currently on the market. Azzera offers a one-stop-shop solution for the needs of CORSIA-compliant aircraft operators. 

By developing an end-to-end solution that reduces workload and covers regulatory compliance concerns, Azzera is creating a pathway for climate action. Their goal is to focus on supporting small and mid-sized carbon credit suppliers and bringing on all verticals in transportation for fleet emissions management.

“We are on a mission to reset the climate legacy of transportation, starting with aviation,” Mahajan said.

Founded in 2021, Azzera is a graduate of the Tenity Climate Fintech accelerator, winner of a Start-up Innovation Award at Davos, and is a 2023 Foresight 50 honouree. Multiple aircraft operators across Europe and East Asia currently use Azzera’s platform. Additionally, they have been selected by Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) and are currently in the final stages of negotiations with Transport Canada to use Azzera CELESTE as an aviation sustainability tool for Canadian Airlines.

Visit Azzera online to learn more about their incredible solution, and check out their Foresight 50 profile for more information.