Future Economy Series:
Forestry Webinar Recap

October 9, 2020

Experts from the Forestry sector, Gurminder Minhas, Neill Huff and James Sandland joined our weekly webinar series to discuss recommendations for The Road to 2050 - Bridging the Gap Between Challenges & Solutions in the Forestry Sector report. The document provides a snapshot of roadmaps and approaches in use in the forestry sector in BC in relation to meeting CleanBC climate targets for 2030-2050.

It became clear in the discussion that the industry experts agreed with the key recommendation of developing a BC based technology roadmap for the forestry sector outlining the technology pathways needed to build a bioeconomy in BC and achieve CleanBC GHG targets.

They agreed that the most effective pathway toward GHG reduction in BC (and the creation of a sustainable bioeconomy) will require a variety of technical and market solutions and that a roadmap would provide a key way to focus the industry. Maximizing the value of forest resources is an important component to building a bioeconomy, and the roadmap could guide the industry to make optimal sequencing decisions.

They see the CORE Cleantech Cluster as playing a key role in:

  • developing a story to focus on the attributes of BC in terms of sustainable forestry and bioproducts
  • informing/engaging the public about sustainability and bioproducts (driving market demand)
  • accelerating collaborations and partnerships

Special thanks to our guest speakers Gurminder Minhas from Performance Biofilaments, Neil Huff from FP Innovations and James Sandland from Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

About the Roadmap Landscape Series

CORE Cleantech Cluster and Foresight are producing a series of roadmap landscapes in the six sectors of CORE’s focus. The intent is to provide a snapshot of the roadmaps that exist in each, and how they are being used.

This will help identify gaps in the required elements, as well as places where roadmaps either don’t exist or are insufficient to achieve the government’s targets.


  • Introduction
  • The Roadmap Matrix
  • Observations
  • Recommendations

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