It’s Time for the Most Important Canada First:
Reaching Net Zero

July 25, 2022

Canadians are world-leading problem solvers. Faced with challenges, we develop solutions. The list of made-in-Canada innovations spans practical tools (imagine life without zippers, paint rollers, or road lines) and game-changers (insulin, telephones, and pacemakers). Our view of space has been transformed by the made-in-Canada James Webb Space Telescope. And we can all thank a Canadian when we flick on a lightbulb.

Canada is #39 in the world when it comes to population, but we consistently punch above our weight class in innovation, progressive policies, and environmental stewardship.

That’s why I believe Canada has the foundation to be the first G7 country to reach net zero.

When the Group of Seven (G7) announced their collective commitment to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050 in June 2021, Canada might have been perceived as an emissions reduction underdog alongside France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the United States. But don’t underestimate Canada’s determination. This bold goal is driving our country’s climate change policies and targets. And it’s inspiring the work of Foresight, Canada’s cleantech accelerator.

Canada has an opportunity to play a global leadership role by becoming the first G7 nation to reach net zero. 

Now is the time for another extraordinary Canadian “first” - for Canada to be the first G7 nation to reach net zero. The Foresight team is steadfast on this audacious goal. We can, we must, and we will achieve this, together.

The climate challenge has come into acute focus over the past year. As outlined in our new annual report, our team has stepped up our commitment to accelerate the commercialization and adoption of Canadian cleantech innovation. We significantly increased our reach and impact on all metrics - helping cleantech ventures raise more capital, generate more revenue, pilot with more customers, and create more green jobs.

Our industry innovation programs are trending at over 69mT of reduced GHG emissions by 2033, and we are just getting started.

Drawing on this success, we will build momentum on the road to net zero by relentlessly driving cleantech adoption through collaboration between innovators, industry, investors, government, and academia (our Helix-5 partners). It will take a massive effort and a whole lot of teamwork, but we can not afford to step back from the challenge of our planet’s survival.

I hope you’ll join us! Become part of our Community of Innovators Slack channel. Explore how our Acceleration programs can grow your cleantech business. Discover how Innovation Challenges can deliver sustainability solutions to industry and all levels of government. Get the latest climate change news. 

Together, we can create the most important Canadian “first” ever. Learn how in our 2021/22 Annual Report.