Let the Clean Energy Transition Begin!

February 16, 2022

What an honour and pleasure to be part of an announcement today of over $30 million in funding for four projects in the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) Low Emission Fuels and Products Technology Competition. Foresight was competition coordinator, along with The Delphi Group. Read about the projects here.

This program is exciting to me on several levels as it combines three of my favourite things - collaboration, innovation, and impact.

One of three technology competitions led by CRIN over the past year, the Low Emission Fuels and Products competition requested applications from consortia. There had to be at least one SME and one oil and gas producer partnering in each application.

Collaboration is hard wired into this program. That’s important - because no single organization or region is going to solve the urgent climate challenge we face. This also ensures that the folks who are in the oil and gas sector can bring their market driven perspective and be part of the change needed to support a green transition, while simultaneously advocating for a growth in profitability and jobs. 

I am impressed almost daily with the innovative spirit driving Canadian cleantech ventures. When Foresight put the call out for low carbon solutions to transform Canada’s oil and gas industry in this competition, we received close to 50 applications from across Canada. The four projects selected are truly game-changing. A molten carbonate fuel cell demonstration project will be a first-of-its-kind technology for the oil sands. A technology that could create GHG-free residential communities. New ways of producing clean hydrogen. 

This is what innovation looks like. And I like what I see!

Saving the best for last: impact. The four projects selected for funding will help Canada meet net zero and green climate targets with anticipated accumulative emissions reductions of over 55 megatonnes of CO2 equivalent by 2033. And that’s what excites me the most - moving down the road to net zero and the growth of an inclusive, thriving, green economy for all Canadians. 

Please join me in congratulating the organizations involved in the projects that were awarded funding from the CRIN Low Emission Fuels and Products competition. We can’t wait to see the impact our innovations will create.

Have an idea for a Challenge program to connect cleantech innovators with industry facing sustainability hurdles? Let’s hear it! Contact our Challenge Program team.