Discovering Opportunities for Canada in the Global Mining Sector

October 26, 2023

Known for our mining innovation clusters across the country and the early adoption of key mining technologies, Canada has a massive opportunity to become a leader in the global mining sector.

To ensure we capitalize on this unique position, we must have a thorough understanding of Canada’s strengths, gaps, and opportunities across the mining industry in order to open the door for new innovations and accelerate the development, commercialization, and scale of Canadian mining technologies. 

Foresight’s, Canada’s Ventures to Value Chains: Mining Technology database and report is an all-in-one resource that leverages data from mining technology companies and other key stakeholders to map, categorize, and analyze strategically important industry value chains for Canada in the clean economy.

An invaluable tool for innovators, industry leaders, investors, academics, and government officials, this resource lists 170 Canadian mining technology companies across 10 different value-chain steps, providing key insights into: 

  •  trends in Canada’s national mining technology innovation ecosystem;
  •  provincial and regional insights, and; 
  • key strengths, gaps, and opportunities across the value chain.

Available for purchase, Canada’s Ventures to Value Chains: Mining Technology uncovers several key themes that will help guide the future of Canadian mining tech innovation.

Carbon Tech Value Chain (1)
Carbon Tech Value Chain (1) Kaitie Unwin

Here’s a preview of some of the key takeaways: 

  • Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec have the most mining tech companies. 
  • A small cluster of lithium extraction technologies from oilfield brines is emerging in Alberta.
  • Ontario is a leader in underground mining technology. 
  • There is also an important technology cluster in the Sudbury/North Bay region, with a focus on operational innovation.
  • With a robust battery metals supply chain, Canada has a strong opportunity to become a global leader in battery metals and mine electrification technologies as demand for batteries grows.
  • AI technologies for mining applications is an area of strength and opportunity for Canada.

Interested in purchasing, or learning more about Canada’s carbon technology value chain? Check out the Executive Summary.